Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This ad appreared in the 'Grace Pride' paper of Abigail's school - the school is celebrating their 25th anniversary.

"Encourage your child to participate!
~ ...Not only to submit an entry for the “Grace Pride is…” essay contest, but to go for the win! Cash prizes awarded for 3rd-12th grade!"

Abigail won 1st place (4th grader) and received a $50.00 bill. We sure are impressed. Way to go Abs..
I hope to get a picture and a copy of her essay to post!
We sure are blessed to have such talented grandkids!  See you soon Abs...

Hillary and her Prague CZ project.

Hillary did this display for her ACE competition.  Although she did not place with it we sure had a great time putting it together.  She placed 1st in her painting - 3rd year in a row. She also place in 4 or 5 other things but can't remember what they were.  Her last year to compete next year she will be in college.   Way to go HILL!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jake's Graduation From Basic Training.

Time sure has passed quickly. Jacob has graduated from basic training and is now in Maryland. Graduation was very impressive all those soldiers marching and singing He will be in Maryland for 4 weeks and then 11 weeks in a different location.  Now that he has his phone we had opportunity to talk yesterday and this morning I was able to text him before we headed to church. Modern technology is terrific. Gpa and Gma always have a hard time saying goodbye.  Gpa loves to hassle Jake! 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Fall

Took a tumble today down several steps and landed on my right side. I think I am going to be black and blue and stiff. Yikes it scared the both of us and I am thankful it is only black and blue marks and not broken bones.

Daylight Savings time begins - set the clocks ahead an hour before going to bed tonight. I think Spring may be on its way.